02 April 2012

FotoFest 2012 | Chapter IV: Sunday Afternoon

Andrew Uchin, Modern Library, 2011, from The Reader Series


More good encounters this afternoon. Really enjoying the variety of strong projects on display. Photography is a very healthy medium from my vantage point, with many vigorous and inventive standard bearers.
  • Topher Brown - evocative, hip-shot, New York City night views - homages to photographic film and grain - silver prints  link
  • Chris Rauschenberg - one of my favorite people in the photo world - Chris, usually with his s.o. Janet, has covered quite a bit of the world - today's scenes were from Mongolia, plus a new cross-cutting edit with the artist statement as follows: "I was looking at my workprints and something was looking back." (Hold, published on Blurb)
  •  Rylan Steele - project on Ave Maria, Florida, a community planned by Domino's Pizza founder - yes, rather Christian  link
  • Andrew Uchin - The Reader Series - a bibliophile's attention to bookish details, evidence of use and poetry beyond what was intended by publisher or author 
  • Jane Fulton Alt - an immersion in fire - entering a controlled burning zone and encountering a gateway to alternate perceptions of time and space  link

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