02 April 2012

FotoFest 2012 | Chapter III: Sunday Morning

Banker's Lamp from Dietlinde Bamberger's series Orderly Withdrawal link


Light's back on.

Only took about fourteen hours of sleep, but I shook off whatever had been bugging me and felt fresh for day two. There was much to admire in both chapters III and IV.

  • Paige Critcher - images of exclusion and anomaly, reading signs in the landscape that reinforce otherness and seclusion - both a road trip to Prudhoe Bay, including some fine images of the American and Canadian prairie landscapes, and around her neighborhood in Virginia link
  • Evgenia Slobodnik - hand-worked photographs, surfaces abraded and painted to recompose light - good sense of artist's book carried out in Color Retouch project - one of many Russian artists, consistent with theme of this FotoFest
  • Benjamin Dimmitt - a native son's views of south Florida wetlands - knowledgeable, descriptive, with a conservationist's passion and perspective  link
  • Rob McDonald - English professor and visual interpreter of writerly southern landscapes - book on Erskine Caldwell's house was a Nazraeli One Picture book  link
  • Scott Fortino - architecturals, mostly, but that's an understatement - an eye trained in observation of detail and discovery (I won't tell you what this means) finds its way through objects, perspectives, textures, and gloriously sculpted light  link
  • F&D Cartier - old friends, from FotoFest Meeting Place 2006 (or 2004?) - their new project Wait & See involves photographic paper (the light sensitive kind) and its inherent, self-developing tendencies when exposed to light - amazing, the colors of black-and-white and the images embedded there, even without recourse to a negative

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