03 November 2010

Old friends: Chris Faust

Chris has been an inspiration and a friend since I moved back to the Twin Cities from New York. He's one of the hardest-working and most self-effacing people I know; this article in Mpls St. Paul magazine reflects the spirit I've come to appreciate in him over the years. Please take a moment to acquaint yourself with this special artist, who was one of the founders of pARTs Photographic Arts, the organization that evolved into MCP.

Thanks to Martin Berg for forwarding the link to the article. Martin is one of many people who would say they learned a lot from Chris.

I know there are people in Boston who admire and respect Chris, too; he served as a juror for a show about night photography. (See his beautiful book, Nocturnes--signed copies available from photo-eye!)

Lynne Cohen revisited

Great to read this comment by Lynne on one of her craziest photographs (published on guardian.co.uk in mid-August). I'm intrigued by what she sees, and by what she notices in her own work. She makes me wonder what surprises come her way through the image, and how much she's able to "previsualize" as she works with the 8x10.

I also get inordinate pleasure out of knowing that there's a Slade art school in London. Makes me feel like I have a special place for me over there.